Heber Down Whitby Engagement

Engagement Photos are always tons of fun. You get to visit really nice places and if you plan your lighting right you get these really beautiful, rich in color with golden tone, engagement photographs. Kiara & Peter gave me the idea to shoot in country settings. I was so thrilled to plan this session as I am such an outdoor person myself. We picked a really beautiful sunny day, timing it later afternoon after 6pm. This way I got this golden glow.. and the lighting was just perfect. (yeap… weather channel is quite popular in our house…:) Our first stop was at Heber Down Conservation Area in Whitby. There are so many great scenes there. Everywhere you look, you can take great photos. The green foliage is so rich there…

Heber Down Whitby Engagement

Peter is from Australia. Kiara is from Canada. I am from Czech Republic. When you mix these cultures together, all with different accents, sometimes it is quite fun. Kiara was about to start her new life…. in Australia.

Our second stop was at local farm. There are so many different ones surrounding Oshawa and Whitby.
The last photo set was happening right in the middle of corn field. Again, Whitby location.

Heber Down EngagementHeber Down EngagementHeber Down Whitby EngagementHeber Down Whitby Engagement
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Engagement Photos in Heber Down Conservation Area, Whitby