Outdoor Fashion Photography

As we were going through Jana’s glamour wardrobe, she pulled out of her bag. I knew there is something special there. I could sense it from her face. She pulled out fashion yellow top and long skirt with fall leaves. Her Mom used to wear this outfit. Jana wished to wear it at some of the fashion photos. Great for Outdoor Fashion Photography. It was in memory of her loving Mom. I said yes, of course. I did not hesitate even for a second. If someone asks you such a thing, it is a privilege to do that. I knew I have to shoot this set outdoors. Outdoor Fashion Photography. Connect with nature, quiet and calm. It was perfect for outdoor fashion photography. Cristina (makeup artist) and I could feel the sadness as we photographed Jana in the woods.

Outdoor Fashion Photography

This was Outdoor Fashion Photography.

This last set will take us back to fashion, crazy and funny. I do not know what else. It is very different from outdoor fashion photography. Jana came to me and explained me that she has SYNESTHESIA. What is it?

Pretty simply explained, Jana sees numbers, names, alphabet and other things all in different colors. Look at her Days of the week: Monday (white), Tuesday (blue), Wednesday (yellow), Thursday (brown), Friday (white to light blue grey), Saturday (blue) and Sunday (yellow). It is interesting.

I wanted to have fun with it so we picked all kinds of fashion outfits with different colors, including a bright pink wig. I admit this set was a challenge for me as well, as I did not want it to look tacky… I wanted to come up with fashion and edgy style … well, you can the judge if we got that right… 🙂

I have to share a letter I just received from Jana…. I cannot say enough thank you for such a kind words… thank you again. It has been a real pleasure to photograph you. Outdoor Fashion Photography and Studio Fashion Photography.

“Dear Zdenka…

I keep writing and deleting. I am looking for the right words. I hope I will be able to find those perfect ones to describe my thoughts. Last few years have been for me very challenging. I have never cared about myself as much as last two months. I think, you motivated me the most. With your words, your life, your experience. I adore your determination and priorities, your lust to perfection. I have never thought about myself. My whole adulthood was about to help other people. Possible or impossible, many times against the concrete wall. It was a reason to run away from myself. I do not quite cope with balance. Extreme is what I love. However, I filled heart; I was not satisfied with my own “I”
As a woman. I have never been spoiled woman. I have never heard the words from man who would adore my body. I did not have an admirer who would go crazy for me. I know, sounds silly, but we are women and we want to be treated like that, each of us. I learned to be alone with my truly dream to be important for someone, or bring a joy for eyes as a lady  Marylyn Monroe on the poster hanged in kids room, used to for my brother when he was in his youth age:). I dreamed that people would like me as I was but truly, when you have 130 kilos, it is damn hard. People judge, criticise… No chance for know the heart without diamond gate.
Today, I am extremely grateful to you Zdenka, in believing me, for giving me a chance to open my heart, which is full of fun, all kinds of desires and unbelievable lust to act in front of camera. You may catch each moment  of my thoughts, happiness or sadness, false or honesty, you may catch it and stay there for ever. You gave me a chance to find my woman “I”.
I truly want to continue and express myself to the extreme.  However, for some reason I was not able to get there.  These moments, hours with you, stay in my heart with me as the most treasured memories of my life.

Your friend Janu”

Outdoor Fashion PhotographyOutdoor Fashion PhotographyOutdoor Fashion PhotographyOutdoor Fashion PhotographyOutdoor Fashion PhotographyOutdoor Fashion PhotographyOutdoor Fashion PhotographyOutdoor Fashion PhotographyOutdoor Fashion Photography