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I receive many emails requesting Toronto Glamour Photographer where I read: “I am new to Toronto modeling, I don’t know how to pose”. As some of you already read my biography, I used to model myself for some time… well… 15 years in total.  Now I work as Toronto glamour photographer. You don’t need to be a great poser to get the stunning glamour shot. It is all about mood, relaxation and also listening to the Toronto glamour photographer. The way I work with models or new faces is that I let them first show me little bit how they can move and what expressions they are doing. Then, I slowly take over and I lead them into what I am looking for through camera lens. I know very well how difficult it is  for model to know if she is showing off the right parts or the right expressions. She doesn’t have a mirror in front of herself. It is up to the Toronto glamour photographer to lead her through. I do concentrate on showing off the nicest parts. If someone has slim waist, long legs, nice back or pretty smile, I lead her to give me the poses which look the best in photos.  If the model listens well, she gets beautiful shots from Toronto glamour photographer.

Toronto glamour photographer

Let me introduce you IONA, one of the Toronto glamour models I work with on regular basis. She is established model, excellent poser and also makeup artist/ hair stylist. I can honestly tell you that she can move and give you one pose by one without any problems. I like that she poses well, but this time I wanted to see her differently.  I wanted her to give me her relaxed mood… How did I pull it out of her? We shot for few hours until we both were quite tired. My camera is heavy so my arms were stretched all the way…lol. Then, we sat down on the floor and just started talking about life and how is everything going for both of us. IONA relaxed, started talking, listening… Here and there, I took a shot while giving her a bit of direction. We got excellent shots, my favorite set of hers by far… and one of the photos appeared on the front cover of  book “Vampire Romance” which you could see in the stores this year.

If you are wondering who IONA is… here is her personal website:

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