Toronto Hollywood Style Wedding

Welcome to the Edgewater Manor Restaurant in Stoney Creek! The Edgewater also known as Fruitland Castle.  Another name used is Cairngorm. Originally built in the 1920′s. Over the 70 years, Edgewater Manor has undergone a series of renovations.  And the end result? Breathtaking modern building.  Featuring marble staircase taken from the Toronto Dominion building. This place is one of my favorite wedding locations. Outdoors is beautiful for photography. This location is facing lake Ontario. You get a view of boats on the lake. You can also see downtown Toronto quite nicely.

Toronto Hollywood style wedding?

Let me introduce you one of a kind Toronto Hollywood style wedding! Bride and Groom: Evgeniya & Nikita. Movies theme has been worked out to the very last detail. They had many interesting items. Old cameras were on display. They played bridal party movie which was fun to watch. It was introduced during a reception. Oscars weren’t missing of course. I also loved the brides’ makeup and hair. She looked like a Hollywood star. Bridesmaids were wearing really nice red gowns and matching red lipsticks. The red color shows really nicely in photographs. This gives images very strong colorful effect. What impressed me the most, was the complete organization of the wedding. There was always something to do. All guests have been fully entertained the whole day. Beautiful wedding. Well done! Many congratulations to Evgeniya & Nikita! You achieved Toronto Hollywood style wedding! One of a kind wedding.

I will remember this wedding for a long time. I will also remember the long trip. We had a bad luck with traffic from Toronto. Fortunately,  we all made it on time! Toronto Hollywood style wedding.

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