Commercial Food Photography

Commercial Food Photography. Hm… I feel like a chameleon sometimes. I wake up and have to get into the mood for the day. One day I am shooting engagement love story, another day I pose tough fitness models. Other day I am working on a commercial food photography stock session in the kitchen. It is certainly not boring for me. There are days when I get challenged quite a bit. It all depends on the location and lighting conditions. Is it a difficult subject to cover in photos or an easy one? Do I have a shot list ready or making it as I go? Did I pick the right wardrobe and accessories? All that is going through my head as I am working.

This commercial food photography session was just easy to shoot. I asked Jana again to pose for this set. I picked her because she is an excellent cook. She is very known around. She has brought such yummy foods to parties.  She loves being in the kitchen and looks really natural. I love the bright colors, the freshness of the food and the whole mood. She was very easy to work with. I must admit that I learned few tricks here and there from her. One thing I definitely noticed is the way she is holding a knife. You can tell she knows what she is doing when she is cutting a salad. I have posed other model before which wasn’t a cook. You could see it in commercial food photography. Just an example. I loved the fact that she was constantly thinking: “How  would I normally do it in real life?”  This can make a huge difference in making these commercial images look natural.

Stock Commercial Food Photography:

This full set is available for commercial use at Shutterstock photo stock library.

Commercial Food PhotographyCommercial Food PhotographyCommercial Food PhotographyCommercial Food PhotographyCommercial Food PhotographyCommercial Food Photography