Finding the right wedding photographer

My past wedding photography blog posts mainly showcased my work.  I have met many wedding couples. I talked to them, answered their questions and thought about them. Finding the right wedding photographer is not an easy task. In fact, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. You will be looking at your images the rest of your life. That is why I am going to post few articles about important issues when it comes to working with wedding photographer. I am writing it the way I personally see it and feel it. You might agree with it or not. Some of you will find this helpful.

Finding the right wedding photographer. I am sure you have seen many different photographers online. So which one to call? Personally, I would look at their portfolio first. Choosing a photographer because he is cheap will only bring regrets later on. Every photographer has different style. Some are more conservative, others might shoot goofy party photos more. How about traditional posed images? Or do you prefer more of a candid in the moment photos? Better yet, do you prefer someone who’s style is mixed and has wide range?

Many wedding couples ask me what my style really is. They simply like my images as they are.  I personally think it is a mix of few different things. I don’t like people placing me in a certain category. That is not what I am all about. I love capturing candid images. The laughter, the tears, real emotions,  great moments and even the worst moments. On the other hand, I also love those romantic glamour images. Some with fashion style, other simply formal. I look at it this way. My clients want to have their wedding day captured in the moment. They want to relive their most important day in their life by simply looking at their images. They want to feel the mood from them. My brides and grooms also want those beautiful romantic stunning images so they can display them somewhere in their homes. I also love colors and bright images. On the other hand I also love looking at nice black and white images telling me a wedding story.  I love to listen to my clients. I am working hard on delivering their vision.

finding the right wedding photographer

Once you narrow down your favorite group, check if they are in your budget. Don’t forget to send them an email making sure they are actually available for your wedding date.
The next step should be an interview. Meeting your potential wedding photographer in person or talking to one on the phone is very important. Don’t be surprised when I say meeting my future wedding couple is very important as well. This interview is equally important for both sides. Wedding photographer is someone who will be spending lots of time with you during your wedding. I am sure you want someone who makes you feel comfortable. Someone who is helpful when it comes to posing. I personally also choose my wedding couples based on how I feel around them. I take my job incredibly seriously. The last thing I need is to work for someone who is rude and treats me badly. There must be mutual comfort and trusting each other.

Let’s set up an interview. Where and when? If you are planning on using local wedding photographer, you can either meet him/her in their studio, coffee shop or in your location. How do I set up interviews? My studio is based in Oshawa. My clients are from all parts of Toronto, GTA, Durham Region and beyond. I had clients from different parts of Canada as well. I offer few options. Meeting in my studio, meeting in mutually agreed location such a coffee shop. Most convenient option is Skype video meeting from comfort of your home. This saves lots of travel time and I am able to offer instant online meeting.

Good luck at finding your wedding photographer. Next time we’ll talk about interview process and what should be discussed before you sign the contract.

local wedding photographer